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COA for granular Urea:


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Nguyễn Hữu Mạnh

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1.urea 46% cif 
5.Packing: 9.5 9.9 50 500 1000kg


Our main products include Prilled urea , Granular urea, Triple Super Phosphate, Di-Ammonium Phosphate, Mono-ammonium phosphate and compound fertilizer.

 Prilled Urea's Application: mainly for industry use such as production of plastic, resins, coating and medicine.

 Free flowing, free from harmful substances.

 Our packing : 9.5kg, 9.9kg , 25kg, 50kg, 500kg jumb bag, 1000kg jumbo bag, 1300kg jumbo bag

 -COA for granular Urea:

* We can manufacture the carbon molecular sieve according to customer's requirement.


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